ABOUT THE BRAND KINSMAN is woman owned & operated line of travel & resort accessories in San Diego, California. The timeline for the brand stems from Joanna Kinsman’s passion for designing swimwear, resulting in the launch of a line of bracelet hair accessories from swim materials called Kini Bands. Her background in entrepreneurship and fashion pushed her to pursue even more creative designs, with a focus on fashion and function. In 2012, Kinsman created her first faux fur accessory, a shawl to which she added pockets. It was the first of its kind. She featured the look on the runway with her swimwear at Los Angeles Fashion Week in 2014. A collection of matching travel accessories followed, and 2017 marks the first season these have been made available. Made with the same passion and love as the original piece, each KINSMAN piece is hand crafted with great attention to detail and guaranteed quality.

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