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Exceptional eco-friendly clothing, products and ammonia-free, organic hair services for the eco-conscious consumer. Please note our temporary hours are Tuesday 9-5 Wednesday 12-7 Thursday 9-5. Fridays will be offered again in a few weeks, stay tuned!

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Holistic Nail Care Services

available soon at EcoChic

Experience effective beauty the natural way in a

clean non-toxic environment

Florium Complex, is infused into both Kur  (luxe nail care system) and Lakur (superior nail color collection). Florium Complex's exclusive blend of vitamins and botanical oils restores, hydrates and strengthen nails from within, improving nail quality and manicure length with every application. 

formaldehyde-free . toluene free . dbp free . camphor free

We care deeply about people & our impact on the planet always evolving, learning & looking for a better way.

certified organic

recycled materials

environmentally friendly

fair trade

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