Hurraw! Bronze Aura Accent Balm

Illuminate with coconut-based Aura accent balm. Loaded with shimmer; one dab will emanate your inner glow! Not glittery or greasy, these balms glide on the skin with a silky, feather-light feel. Bronze Aura offers earthy, warm tones. Use on cheeks, brow ridge, collarbones...anywhere! We use synthetic mica in our Aura balms. In this case, synthetic means the “sparkles” are made in a laboratory from natural minerals vs. mined from the earth. Traceability, transparency, and safety are imperative when manufacturing cosmetics. Hurraw can trace our ingredients to the gram because we make it ourselves (no-contract manufacturing). Unfortunately, earth mined ingredients (micas, iron/tin oxides) are nearly impossible to track. Suppliers can rarely provide certificates of origin, proof of labor conditions, or documentation of what impurities they contain. We stubbornly refuse to use mined micas in our Aura balms due to contamination, heavy metals, and hushed labor practices.